Residential Masonry Installation

Brick Columns
Stone Columns
Concrete Footings
Concrete Block frost Wall
Brick Veneer
Stone Veneer
Natural Stone Veneer
Cultural Stone veneer
Brick Mail Box
Masonry cladding
Masonry Caulking
Masonry Flashing

Residential Masonry Restoration

Brick restoration
Foundation Restoration
Limestone Foundation Restoration
Concrete Block Foundation Restoration
Frost Wall Restoration
Masonry Flashing Restoration
Masonry Caulk Restoration
Historical Brick Restoration
Historical Stone Restoration
Tuck Point Restoration
Tuck Point Exterior/Interior restortion
Pressure Washing
Acid Washing
Hot Water Pressure Washing
Masonry Demolition
Sand blastin Exterior Brick Restoration
Interior Brick restoration
HEPA air filtration Systems

Commercial Masonry Installation

Concrete Block
CMU Installation
Reinforce Masonry-CMU core fill
Structural CMU Installation
Stone Cladding
Brick Cladding
Natural Stone Installation
Cultured Stone Installation
Brick Installation
Concrete Block firewall Installation
Grass Block Installation
CMU Bearing wall Installation
Caulking Masonry to Masonry
Masonry Flashing Installation
Cast Stone Installation
Precast Stone Installation
Heavy Duty Stone Installation
Full veneer stone installation
Masonry base sign installation

Fire Place and Chimney Installation

Traditional Open Hearth Masonry Fireplace
Wood burning Masonry Fireplace Installation
Gas Masonry Fireplace Installation
Electric Masonry Fireplace Installation
Outdoor Masonry Fireplace Installation
Pellet Stove Installation
Custom Wood Mantel
Parenthesis Built to suit

Fire Place and Chimney Restoration

To ensure home safety, maintaining proper airflow and safe living conditions, our technicians will conduct an assessment of your fireplace/chimney and determine what needs attention, We will remove and replace any dangerous concrete blocks/bricks, scrub soot and contaminants from your chimney and fireplace. From brick replacement to full rebuilding projects, we also correct and repair damaged chimneys with dependable tuck-pointing and install single parts such as flue liners to keep fireplace systems safe and functional.

Acid Washing

Your brick needs maintenance too. Acid Washing is a great way to clean the brick or block on your property. Most warranties recommend this to maintain the overall integrity of your material.

Pressure Washing

Business owners as well home owners understand the importance of maintaining the look of their masonry over the years. Pressure Washing is part of that maintenance and we are happy to provide this kind of service at an affordable rate.

New Masonry Construction

Concrete Block Walls, foundations, Frost Walls, Basement walls, Glass block, Pin Ups, Retaining Walls, Partition walls, Fireplaces indoor/outdoor, Stick Framing, Stone Patio’s and more. Wrap your home in brick veneer, interior brick walls, Arches, Ledges, Fire Places, stone columns, Driveway Columns, Chimneys and much more...

Modern Pattern/Layout Design

Take a step ahead with our exclusive custom designs. Traditional two to one patterns are great to look at however here at MVM we take it a step further by challenging complacency with motion generating patterns. With a more modern look, these patterns in conjunction with the stone used display added style to your home or business.

Custom Dry Stacked Stone Yard Sculptures/Fountains

MVM offers an exclusive service that allows our stone artesians to express the customers idea through creativity while adapting to their environment (surroundings) constructing an eye catching display.

Concrete Block

Foundations, frost walls, columns, split face retaining walls, wing walls, windows, door jams and more...

Brick Veneer

Add some style to your new home by wrapping it in brick. Interior face brick walls, kitchen brick splash wall, Fireplaces, Exterior

Brick Veneer

Add some style to your new home by wrapping it in brick. Interior face brick walls, kitchen brick splash wall, Fireplaces, Exterior


With an extensive carpentry background since 1999 framing custom homes right here in the Mississippi Valley I've been able to acquire a particular set of skills and understanding giving me the "know how" to construct almost any custom design/layout. We welcome a challenge within the structural scope of Masonry whether you design it yourself, have a friend help you or would like Mississippi Valley Masonry assist you with your idea. Contact us today and ask how we can put over twenty years of experience to work for you

Plastering/EIFS (exterior insulation finishing system)

EIFS today are one of the most tested and well researched cladding systems in the construction industry. Research has shown and supported by the Department of Energy, has validated that EIFS are the "best performing cladding" in relation to thermal and moisture control when compared to brick, stucco and cementitious fiberboard siding. In addition EIFS is in full compliance with modern building codes which emphasize energy conservation through the use of CI (continuous insulation) and a continuous air barrier. Both these components are built into today's EIFS products to provide maximum energy savings. Also, a reduced environmental impact over the life of the structure as well. Along with these functional advantages come virtually unlimited color, texture, and decorative choices to enhance the overall appeal and enjoyment of almost any home or structure.

Other services available…

Sand Blasting Tuck pointing Glass Block Repair Poured Concrete Slabs Steps, walkways and more…