In MVM are three basic principles we follow to ensure quality and a great customer experience. Our mission is to provide the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and effectiveness in the industry. Reputation does matter and we do everything we can to protect that by branding ourselves with these basic principles :
  • Safety– MVM is an OSHA compliant contractor. Here at MVM, we practice a safety first approach to insure an injury-free environment while maintaining a clean, properly staged and safe workplace for all who work or visit the job site . 
  • Honesty & Integrity– Adherence to the highest trade ethics with honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect in all of our interactions and business dealings with you.
  • Professionalism & Competency– Experienced and well-trained tradesman who will conduct themselves in a manner that keeps your best interests in mind.
  • Quality– Attention to detail and thorough planning from project inception to completion to insure we are doing the right thing first, the right way, and the first time.
  • Teamwork– A coordinated effort to collaborate with Home Owners, General Contractors, Sub Contractors, Architects, Developers and many more. Maintaining the expectations and productivity for every projects we work on with you.
  • Accountability– An ability to effectively hold ourselves and others on our team accountable at the highest level for carrying out project details while insuring efficiency while maintaining daily productivity.
  • Complete Scope of Work– Fully prepared to execute commercial and/or residential projects equipped with the necessary heavy equipment to meet the demands and challenges of every project.
  • Knowledgeable Personnel– With over 25 years of extensive trade experience, the right team leaders updated with equipment and tools using the latest technology to improve an overall better costumer experience.
  • Effective Communication– Our understanding of the critical need to keep others informed, ask for feedback, listen and follow through to assure project success.
  • Vision– Every project begins with the end in mind and plans are executed to the fullest extent needed to achieve both project and client goals.
  • Peace of Mind– A stress-free environment where projects stay on track, issues and concerns are resolved in a timely manner, and preventative actions are identified.
  • Responsiveness– Staying accessible and anticipating what you need and expect from us so we can proactively address any questions, requests, or concerns.